Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Rewinding Machine

I'm not sure how the discussion even started. A few weeks ago Cynthia was out of town and I decided to let Kiki sleep in our bed since that's what we do when I am out of town. Our usual night time routine includes reading and a story which I usually have to make up on the spot. And it has to be new every time. I usually try to make it funny and have a moral. I don't always succeed.

So I made up some story about white and black bunnies and a river and long story short, turns out all these bunnies had the same great-great-great-grandparents. So then after the usual slew of questions, Kiki asked me what a great-grandparent was and why are they great? I told her that this is how you call the parents of your grandparents and that I am not sure why they are great, but they usually are.

And to demonstrate this I asked her about my mother, being her Savta (grandma in Hebrew - Happy Birthday by the way) Mara , and her mother, Savta Riva, who is in fact her great-grandmother. Since she knows how all that works her next question was a bit of a surprise.

She wanted to know where her great-grandma Grace was and why we never get to see her. Grace was Cynthia's grandmother and she passed away nearly 25 years ago. I wasn't really sure what to say and decided to just go with the truth and told Kiki that we don't see great-grandma Grace because she died a long time ago. So she wanted to know how come Savta Riva wasn't dead and I answered that she just wasn't and we should be happy to have a great-grandma because not many people have one.

Then Kiki said she doesn't want anyone else to die. I hugged her tight and said that she doesn't need to worry about that right now and that everyone will be fine. But she wasn't having any of that. She said something should be done about it. I asked her what she thought we could do and to my surprise she came up with a brilliant idea.

The Rewinding Machine

There I was thinking she was going to say people would need to eat better and maybe take pills to make them healthy or something of that nature, but there she was, thinking outside the box again. I asked what she meant.

She said the rewinding machine would be used on a person's birthday when they were old. Every birthday, the person would get into the machine and instead of being one year older, we could rewind them with a crank so that they stay the same age every year. I thought that was a fantastic solution and I told her so. But she had more...

She said we should build this machine right away, just to be safe. We should go to Home Depot and ask them for the instructions. I told her that we would need to invent one because there were no instructions for something like this yet. Since we already need to invent a teleporting machine, we really have our hands full. I told her that we would need to study math, science and biology and come up with a design and then get the parts we needed.

She told me I was wrong and we need to go get the parts now because we can't let anyone die while we're learning all these things. And we would first use it only for our family and then let our friends use it too. But we can't use it on her because she doesn't want to stay five.

She eventually agreed to go to sleep and figure this out later. Yesterday she reminded me that we need to go to Home Depot and get some wood an nails to build our machine. I said we would need a lot more than just wood and nails. So she said of course.

"We need buttons too!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing catch up

Yep, it's been almost two months since my last post and really, I haven't written anything since last year (yikes). And so much has been happening...

  1. Kiki turned 5, Bella turned 1, I turned 40!!!
  2. We went to Israel for two weeks over Passover and had an amazing time.
  3. I published a children's book about my grandmother called 'Grandma Birdie's Red String' and Cynthia published a children's book called 'Nobody Likes Me'. The books are amazing in their own way with beautiful illustrations and a great story. You should check them out (just click the links or find them on Amazon).
  4. What I really should write a book about is the process of finding the right private school for your 5 year old kid. It was quite the challenge, but we think we made the right choice in the end.
  5. Oh yeah. Kiki graduated from pre-school today!
There are so many other things that I haven't written about, but time just flies. I am probably not going to remember to write about most of these stories and they will fade away. I really need to make some time to write these memories before they all vanish.

Here are a few photos from the trip to Israel:

Monday, March 22, 2010


Wow, it's been a really long time since I put up a post on this blog. Where does the time go? I've missed so many posts, including Kiki's 5th birthday. Bad Abba!

Anyway, I had to put up a quick carpool story from this morning before I forget and miss another post. It all started when Kiki asked me a simple question:

Kiki: What's their last name, Abba?
Abba: Who's last name sweetie?
Kiki: Their last name!
Abba: Who are you talking about?
Kiki: The children, Jane and Michael.

So to get you up to speed, Kiki is pretty much obsessed with Mary Poppins. She's watched the movie about 1000 times. She knows all the songs. She will just spontaneuously burst into "Spoonful of Sugar" and "Supercali..." and she can't wait to see Mary Poppins live in May.

Abba: Well, can't you remember what it is?
Kiki: No...
Abba (singing): Hurry nanny, many thanks, sincerely, Jane and Michael...
Kiki: BANKS!
Abba: That's right!
Evan: Why couldn't you just say Banks instead of singing?

Evan cracks me up!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bella Crawls Backwards!

Here's a quick video I took of Bella crawling back from the living room to the kitchen. I had to speed it up 400% or otherwise it would be over 5 minutes long. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Singing the ZYX's

Some days we have a quiet car ride to school. Some days the kids fight over toys. Some days I put all the toys out of reach and torment the kids for the whole length of the ride. Today was one of those days.

I decided that we were going to learn to sing the ABC's backwards. Yeah, you heard that right:

Parenting FAIL

No, I'm not speaking of us of course, we're wonderful parents. Just ask our kids.

In this case I am speaking of these parents, who are trying to land a gig for their children on the "hottest photo shoot ever." So of course they agree to a long list of conditions:

Baby on a crucifix?
Bees, wasps and hornets?
Dead or dying animals?
Amateur scientists?
Mixing pots of acid?
Extremely rapid acceleration?
Does she always have to be in a car seat or can she freestyle it?
Antiquated heavy machinery and would she be fine to operate it?
Lit phosphorous? Does he like it?
Can she lose 10 pounds in the next week?

Watch for yourselves:

I hope all these parents are in jail.

I think Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. Sure, he can be crude and disgusting, but he is able to get people to say and do things that you wouldn't think sane people are capable of. I haven't seen the whole movie yet but the previews and scenes like this one make me want to go out and get it.

Bruno is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These are the Months of the Year

One more video I forgot to upload. Kiki and Evan were showing off their month-singing abilities:

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