Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These are the Months of the Year

One more video I forgot to upload. Kiki and Evan were showing off their month-singing abilities:

Abba Goes to a Football Game

So after my recent adventure with Kiki to the baseball game, eBalz asked if I wanted to join him to "Defend the Dome" and go to my first NFL game. It was a decent game with the Chicago Bears taking on the Atlanta Falcons who have been on quite a heater lately, especially coming off the previous trouncing of the 49ers the previous week in San Francisco. The game was on Sunday evening so we had some time to go eat at Ted's Monatana Grill, throw a football around at Centennial Olympic Park and walk around the craziness outside the Georgia Dome before the game.

Here's what I mean by craziness outside the field (awesome cameo by eBalz):

We were the only two people there who had no idea what tracks were being played. And with the whole crowd going nuts after just the first three notes were played of each song, we felt old and out of touch. Oh, well.

We walked around for a bit and then got to see the Falcons Drum Line perform before heading to our seats:

Our seats were way up near the rafters, but at least we had a great view of the entire field. For some reason the whole section we sat in was full of Chicago Bears fans so I had no idea who the cheers and boos were for for most of the game. Good thing I had eagle-eyed eBalz next to me to tell me what was going on.

Here comes the photo dump.

Introducing the players with cheerleaders and flares:

By the way, the cheerleaders were all dressed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month which was a nice touch. But they didn't stop there. The players had pink shoes and gloves too. Which was a nice touch but looked kind of weird. Back to the photos.

They had a giant flag out on the field during the player introductions:

Here are the Falcons kicking one of their 3 extra points:

And after every one of those extra points they had these guys run across the field with huge flags:

The game started out very badly for the Falcons and for the first quarter they could not get past their own 30 yard line and could not get a first down. Eventually during the second quarter they started playing better and ended up winning 21-14 after some great defensive play that stopped the Bears from scoring after getting to 1st and 1. They fumbled their 2nd and 3rd down and when the Falcons recovered it the second time around the crowd went nuts after we all helped "Defend the Dome"!

Can't wait for my next game.

Kiki's First Baseball Game

A couple of weeks ago was the last game of the season for the Atlanta Braves and eBalz scored some tickets for the afternoon game against the Nats. Neither team had anything riding on the game, the weather was good and we decided to take the kids to their first baseball game. So it was Kiki, Sophie and Christopher with the dads and our poker buddy Brian came along as well. We had pretty decent seats behind first base and a great view of the field.

Right after finding our seats we left Chris with all the kids and went to get some dogs and drinks. He gave them a quick explanation of how the game works and by the time we got back they were watching intently. But baseball being the slow paced game that it is, they soon lost interest and were busier trying to figure out what the vendors were trying to sell and pretty much asked to buy everything.

At one point the Braves scored a home run which brought with it some fireworks and a lot of cheering. The kids loved that of course. But when we were at the bottom of the eighth inning after 2 hours and still tied 1-1 we decided to beat the post-game rush and headed out. They even brought out Chipper Jones as a pinch hitter to end the season, but nothing came of it. Earlier in the game I said that I'm sure that since this game didn't matter to either team they won't want to drag it out too much. So obviously it went to 15 innings after we left. Doh!

Here are some pictures from the game. First, me and my girl enjoying her first ball game:

Then, it's the two sweet, sweet-toothed girls:

Chris carrying all three kids out of Turner Field:

Laughing with a baby is a mitzvah!

Kiki has a mitzvah tree in her school where the kids bring paper leaves home, the parents write a mitzvah that the child has done and then the bring it back to school and staple it to the tree. It's very cool and the tree is already covered with mitzvah leaves.

But this has created a situation where anything Kiki does, she tells us it's a mitzvah. By the way for those who don't know what a mitzvah is:

1. a commandment or precept, esp one found in the Bible
2. a good deed
[from Hebrew: commandment]

So one day I was outside with Bella in the Bjorn and Kiki in her Wonder Woman costume because she just wanted to swing on her playground before it gets too cold. And every time Kiki would get close to us, Bella would just start cracking up! We've figured out that any time Bella sees Kiki running, swinging or spinning it make Bella laugh.

So then Kiki came up with the notion that laughing with a baby is a mitzvah. Here's her explanation as well as some great footage of her swinging in her costume:

And here's Bella laughing:

I think Kiki's right. Laughing with a baby is indeed a great mitzvah!

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