Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photo Dump

I haven't had much time to write lately so instead, here's a bunch of photos taken over the last month or so with short captions:

1. Yesterday we spent half the day over at the Elkos celebrating Emily's 2nd birthday. The theme was Thomas the Tank Engine so obviously they had a train to take the kids around the neighborhood. Here are Kiki and Sophie on their maiden voyage (they eventually rode it about 20 times):

2. Not sure when this happened. I think we made homemade chocolate pudding and this is what Kiki looked like after licking the spoons and bowls:

3. Baby Bella is all smiles these days (except for the times she's tired or hungry and then she finds audio ranges you didn't know the human ear could actually hear). Check out those long eyelashes:

4. Kiki really loves Bella and wants to hold, hug and kiss her any chance she gets:

5. This one was especially funny since Kiki decided to just hop right into Bella's Moses basket:

6. Lovely:

7. Cynthia took this a few weeks ago:

8. Last time we made deviled eggs Kiki decided it was more fun playing with giant olives than eating them:

That's it for now I think. More later.

Kiki's Apple Ka

The other day Kiki and I were hanging out in the kitchen in the afternoon and she wanted a snack of some sort. Being the creative and industrious little girl that she is, she declared that she was going to make Apple Ka. At first I thought she said apricot, but then when she repeated it I knew I was mistaken.

Well, what is Apple Ka you may ask? We created a recipe card for it:

Basically, she opened up the fridge and grabbed anything she could reach. And she ate the entire bowl. I tasted it. It was delicious!

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