Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Post - More Bella Photos

Crystal is our dear friend and neighbor and this morning she took some amazing photos of Bella (and me). Follow this link to her blog and take a look. She is really an amazing photographer. Highly recommended!

Thanks Crystal!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Bella is Here!

Bella Brannon Dekel was born on the afternoon of April 7th. I wrote a little bit about her name on my genealogy blog (link here), but we haven't gotten around to posting any pictures yet. So here's a quick photo dump for everyone to enjoy.

Still in the OR, right after the nurses cleaned her up:

In the nursery, getting her first bath:

Kiki has been amazing with Bella and loves to hold her and comfort her:

Since it was Passover, we all got matching seder-plate shirts and a onesie for Bella:

My three girls:

Me and my babies:

Getting ready to go home:

First night at home, girls in matching pajamas:

So as you can understand we've been home for a couple of days and so far I can tell you that this kid is certainly a night owl. She only cries when she is hungry or when she needs her diapers changed, which is pretty much every 15 minutes. She makes the funniest grunts and squeaks when she sleeps and is a very strong baby. She lifts her head up and if she's got her arms or legs bent, good luck trying to stretch them out (for putting on sleeves or diapers). The hospital photographer was shocked when she saw here hold her head up at 3 days.

I can honestly say that I don't remember any of this from when Kiki was born. Which means that no matter what happens, we're all going to be fine in the end, right? Anyway, more pictures later. I am going to try to take a nap.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Big Day is Here!!!

So in a few hours we will be heading to the hospital to meet our newest family addition via a scheduled c-section!

Poor Cynthia is about to explode and she can barely move any more. Just shifting from one side to the other makes her whole body spasm in pain, literally bringing tears to her eyes. I have to hand it to her, with everything we've gone through in this pregnancy, she has done an AWESOME job!

It is going to be quite the transition for all of us from a family of three to four. I can't even imagine what it's like with two kids and even though it's only been four years, I can't remember what it's like to have a tiny baby in the house. I guess I'll find out soon enough and I'm sure it will be great.

Kiki had been handling it pretty well, considering she has been the focus of all attention for the past 4 years. She knows today is the big day and probably because of that gave us a hard time going to bed last night. Just wanted to test us a little before she crashed around 9:30pm (2 hours past her regularly scheduled bedtime).

We're as ready as we can be I guess. All the tiny onesies have been washed, folded and put away in the dresser. The baby swing is ready. Baby car seat will be installed later today. The changing table is back up and ready for action. And I even figured out how to put the crib back together even though I couldn't find the screws and nuts anywhere.

I ordered a replacement hardware kit for the crib but apparently the manufacturer (Bellini) can't figure out how to order one. Their playing "Where in the World is Carmen Hardware-Kit" with it. Is it in China? Or maybe Italy? I ended up going to Home Depot and buying loose parts instead. If they ever find the kit and ship it we will just sell it with the crib sometime in the future.

So anyway, that's it. Kiki will spend the night at Sophie's and I will pick her up tomorrow and take her to the hospital. We're going to get some lunch on the way and cupcakes and celebrate a birthday. We have gifts from everyone to everyone else and it's going to be great.

I can't wait to meet her!!!

Stay tuned for more updates (and first photos). I will probably cross post here and on the Dekel Daily Blog, so check either one.

The Mustangs - Soccer Champs!

The Mustangs have played three regularly scheduled league games so far and since we don't keep score or have league standing, I can safely say they are playing like champs. It's hilarious watching a bunch of 4-year-old kids in oversized soccer uniforms running up and down the field for 30 minutes. There's a lot of confusion, lots of hugging, bug spotting in the dirt, some crying and snacks. Can't forget the snacks. Sometimes I think that's the only reason they even want to play. No, I'm kidding. They really love the whole thing.

On the first week Kiki got her uniform and she looked fierce!

I tried to get some shots of her on the field, but she was more into posing than action shots. Since all the other kids had their shirts out I decided to relax the dress code and take Kiki's shirt out as well. Here she is, striking a pose:

Every game starts with a half hour practice session where coach Scott tries to get the kids to practice the basics of stop, dribble and kick. I got a couple of great candid shots of Kiki:

Kiki likes playing goalie the most. She gets all excited and starts hopping in place and running from one goal post to the other. The other team was very strong and their boys were running fast and kicking hard. But Kiki managed two amazing saves:

The Mustangs played their next two games in some cold and wet weather, but they love every minute of it. Thank you coach Scott for putting this together and having the energy (and patience) to run around with the kids. I know they love it and I have a blast too.

The Lemonade Stand & Sleepover

I'm going to fire off a few quick blog posts with recent photos if you don't mind. I haven't been doing a great job of updating here and now I am in catch-up mode.

So first off is the lemonade stand story. Sophie came over for a sleepover and it was such a beautiful afternoon that we decided to sell some lemonade and raise money for charity. Kiki's class collects coins every Friday for Tzedakah (charity) and so we thought it would be a great way to get the some quarters. But Kiki had other ideas and when anyone asked how much they were charging per cup she would say "oh, it's a buck!"

The girls had a blast and were so excited when their friends showed up. I actually ended up making a second batch of lemonade because it was selling out so fast. Here's a picture of the girls with Kylie:

The girls collected the money and placed it in the cash register and were very excited about the entire event. When we were done they had collected $12 which we matched and sent to the 'Bees' charity coffers. They will decide what children's charity will get the money they have collected at the end of the school year. Such a smart way to teach kids about charitable giving.

So after a fun afternoon, it was time for a nice relaxing bubble bath:

and a little picnic on our bed while watching some TV:

Then it was time to go to bed and obviously that was not going to happen easily and we ended up with a little meltdown and flat air mattress, but all things considered the girls had a lot of fun.

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