Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feliz Navida

We had a big car discussion about song lyrics this morning. Evan, for no apparent reason started singing the "Feliz Navida" song over and over again. Eventually I tried to correct him by saying it's actually pronounced "Navidad" but he said that he heard it on the radio and it was "Navida." Can't argue with the radio, now can we?

But the best part was when he got to the second line of the song that, according to the radio, goes something like "I want to miss you a Merry Christmas." So instead of correcting him I just sang along and inserted the "wish you" in the right place. And that was Kiki's cue:

Kiki: Evan, it's "wish" not "miss", right Abba?
Abba: I think so sweetie.
Evan: It's "miss". I heard it on the radio.
Kiki: No it's not, it's "wish".
Evan: Miss.
Kiki: Wish.
Evan: MISS!
Abba: Well, the great thing about songs is that when you sing them you can make up any words you want. I like to sing it this way "We like to kiss you a Happy Cheesemas."
Evan: Well, I heard it on the radio and also Cheney told me it's "Navida" and "miss".
Abba: Allrighty then... I got nothing.
Kiki: Evan, it's "wish" because Abba said so.
Evan: There is only one song where it's "wish" and it goes like this: "I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
Kiki: It's "WE wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" not "I wish you".
Evan: No it's not!
All this from a couple of 4 year-old Jewish kids on their way to school at temple.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Pet names

It's been a long time since I wrote anything here. Been really busy with family and work but so much has been going on. I promise to try to update more often.

I wanted to put together a little list of Kiki's pet names that she came up with for her huge collection of stuffed animals:

  • Bolt - Little barking dog (after seeing the movie twice)
  • Tiny Bolt - Tiny dog that came in a happy meal
  • Tiger - Her yawning tiger
  • Uni - The unicorn that she can ride around on
  • Fuzzy Guy - A brown bear she got from the car dealership when we bought a car
  • Sampson - Little brown horse
  • My Own Pony - Little white horse
  • Sheepa - Big radio flyer horse in the playroom
  • Mr. Alligator - Crocodile
  • Macaroni Penguin - The little penguin Savta brought from their trip to South Africa
There are others that I probably can't remember right now.

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