Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Laughing with a baby is a mitzvah!

Kiki has a mitzvah tree in her school where the kids bring paper leaves home, the parents write a mitzvah that the child has done and then the bring it back to school and staple it to the tree. It's very cool and the tree is already covered with mitzvah leaves.

But this has created a situation where anything Kiki does, she tells us it's a mitzvah. By the way for those who don't know what a mitzvah is:

1. a commandment or precept, esp one found in the Bible
2. a good deed
[from Hebrew: commandment]

So one day I was outside with Bella in the Bjorn and Kiki in her Wonder Woman costume because she just wanted to swing on her playground before it gets too cold. And every time Kiki would get close to us, Bella would just start cracking up! We've figured out that any time Bella sees Kiki running, swinging or spinning it make Bella laugh.

So then Kiki came up with the notion that laughing with a baby is a mitzvah. Here's her explanation as well as some great footage of her swinging in her costume:

And here's Bella laughing:

I think Kiki's right. Laughing with a baby is indeed a great mitzvah!


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