Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carnival in Alabama

It was a cool overcast day so I decided to take BOTH girls for a little ride on the Silver Comet Trail. Kiki on her princess bike, with training wheels and tassels, and Bella in her "bike" - the Abba-Powered Aubergine Bugaboo. Kiki has been apprehensive about actually doing any actual bike riding. She's been more into talking about it than physically doing it. So I figured the trail is nice and flat, no way she can complain about being scared of going down hills too fast and no other excuses.

We hit the trail at a pretty slow pace to start our journey. But a couple of hundred yards in people were just zooming past us so Kiki started to pick up the pace. Which eventually turned into a slow jog for me. Bella loves being outside so obviously she fell asleep 5 minutes into it.

I had to constantly remind Kiks to watch where she was going and stay in her lane. And not to swerve around and to stay in her lane and to watch where she was going. You get the point. But she was loving it! Absolutely loving every second. She did a fabulous job of riding and I made sure to compliment and encourage her.

Then she asked me where the trail goes to and I said it goes alllllll the way to Alabama. To which she responded that that's where she wanted to go because there was a special carnival in Alabama. She said it loud enough for a few walkers to hear and crack up. She was serious too. She would not turn around and head back to the car. At the 1.2 mile marker I finally said that she could keep going to Alabama and to call me when she gets there if she needs me to pick her up because Bella and I couldn't walk to Alabama. But since she has a bike and she is such an excellent rider she should go ahead and go.

So we headed back.

That's when the trouble started. Since I was jogging pretty much all the time now, I had to stop for some water. When Kiki saw the water she wanted some too. Then after 30 seconds she was thirsty again. Then after another thirty seconds she was thirsty again. And again. And again...

Eventually we got a rhythm going again and we were back to the watch where you're going stay in your lane routine. At one point she decided to look back at us and veered right off the trail. She knew something was wrong, probably by my look of panic, so she did the only appropriate thing and let go of the bike. Luckily I was close enough to grab her in mid-air and save the day.

That didn't phase her at all and a couple of minutes later while trying to go as fast as she can her sneaker slipped off the pedal and she lost control of the bike which once again veered right off the trail. This time I wasn't quick enough and she landed in a big mangled kid+bike pile in the grass. When I got to her she was cracking up and yelling that she's OK. I picked her up and brushed the grass off her face and we were back on track.

We eventually made it back to the car after working up a nice sweat. I am so proud of us for going 2.5 miles. Let's hope she likes it enough to try it again soon.


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