Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School & Car Pool Chatter

School's back in session and Kiki is so excited about going to "big kid pre-kindergarten" that she burst into our room this morning and said "it's the second day of pre-k today!" Ahhh, youthful excitement...

Anyway, with school starting, I got back to car pool duty and obviously that leads to some lively discussions in the car. The level of language, logic and conversation has increased dramatically and these 4.5 year olds are speaking like adults already.

Here's a quick sample (the topic is Evan's Bakugans):

K: We can play with your Bakugans when we go to the playground.
E: But I won't have them in the playground.
K: Where are they going to be?
E: In my book bag.
K: Well, I have a great idea! You can take them out of your book bag.
E: But then Ms. Sherri will see them and I am not supposed to bring toys to school.

Somehow the conversation shifted to a different avenue and took a wrong turn:

E: Well, Bakugans are too complicated for girls.
K: (Sitting in stunned silence)
Abba: Kiki, do you think that's true? Do you think Bakugans are too complicated for girls?
K: Well, I am the only girl in the world who can play Bakugans.
E: (Sitting in stunned silence)

Anyway, it was an awesome car conversation and I am not doing it justice at all. Then we got into a discussion of who was going to get who Bakugans for their birthday:

K: Well, I want to have Bakugans for my birthday.
E: You can't have them, because that's MY birthday present.
K: Evan, I have a special idea! Why don't we both get them for our birthdays?
E: But how?
K: Let's decide that I will get them for you and then you can get them for me.
E: You can get me a one-pack and then I can get you a one-pack?
K: Abba, will you get Evan a Bakugan one-pack for his birthday?
Abba: Sure, if that's what he wants.
E: Maybe... we can get a two-pack and split it?
K: Maybe we can get a three-pack and split it and give one to Abba?
E: Yeah!

So apparently I am getting one third of a three-pack of Bakugans, that I am buying anyway. At this point we moved on to trying to finagle a play date:

K: So can I come over for a playdate and play with your Bakugans?
E: Well, I can't have any more playdates.
K: How come? (this is her favortie question these days)
E: I was too wild on my last playdate so I can't have any more.
K: Who said that?
E: My mom.
K: Abba, can you talk to Evan's mom about letting us have a playdate?
Abba: Sure.
K: Because Evan is my BEST friend and I REALLY want to have a playdate with him, OK?
Abba: OK, sweetie, I'll see what I can do, but you know, moms make the rules, right?
E: I didn't know I was your best friend.
K: Well, I have three best friends, you, Jed and Robert.
Abba: Those are your best friends, huh? Aren't there some girls who are your best friends?
K: Yes, but these are my very very very best friends. Evan, do you know who my very very very best friends are?
E: Me, Jed and Robert?
K: YES!!! How did you know?
E: You just told me that!
K: Well, you guessed it!

And then we got to school...


OhCaptain said...

So glad Kiki is back to school, these are just fantastic :)

Congrats on getting a Bakugans! (I had to look them up, my girls never play with anything that isn't a Littlest Pet Shop...)

Abba-Dad said...

She doesn't have Bakugans yet (and yes, I had to look it up and try to figure out how to spell it without any lisps).

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