Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So You Think Your Daughter Can Dance?

Probably the only "grown-up" show Kiki watches with us (other than Cynthia's design shows) is So You Think You Can Dance. She loves it. She stands in front of the TV and dances her little butt off. She giggles when they hug or kiss and she says Evan is her favorite dancer, you know, "because he's cute."

Obviously all this is going to bite us in the butt sooner rather than later and the signs are right there. One evening when I was putting the Kikster to bed, she was prancing all over here room, quietly muttering something to herself. So I asked here what it was she was saying and she goes "Sexy Walk, Sexy Walk, Sexy Walk." I knew right away where she heard it and it always amazes me how much she absorbs. I tend to think that she's too young to pay attention to everything, but I am realizing that this kid does not miss a single thing!

So where was this "Sexy Walk" from? The choreographer for the girls' Bollywood routine says it ONCE when he is filmed showing them how to start the dance. As you can see below, they fill their jug (called a matka in Indian - funny word) and then do a sexy walk to the back of the stage before they go into hyperspeed.

So that's what my dear 4-year old daughter picked up from the entire 2 hour show. At least when I asked her what that means she said it's a very difficult dance move to do.

I am in so so so much trouble...


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