Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Mustangs - Soccer Champs!

The Mustangs have played three regularly scheduled league games so far and since we don't keep score or have league standing, I can safely say they are playing like champs. It's hilarious watching a bunch of 4-year-old kids in oversized soccer uniforms running up and down the field for 30 minutes. There's a lot of confusion, lots of hugging, bug spotting in the dirt, some crying and snacks. Can't forget the snacks. Sometimes I think that's the only reason they even want to play. No, I'm kidding. They really love the whole thing.

On the first week Kiki got her uniform and she looked fierce!

I tried to get some shots of her on the field, but she was more into posing than action shots. Since all the other kids had their shirts out I decided to relax the dress code and take Kiki's shirt out as well. Here she is, striking a pose:

Every game starts with a half hour practice session where coach Scott tries to get the kids to practice the basics of stop, dribble and kick. I got a couple of great candid shots of Kiki:

Kiki likes playing goalie the most. She gets all excited and starts hopping in place and running from one goal post to the other. The other team was very strong and their boys were running fast and kicking hard. But Kiki managed two amazing saves:

The Mustangs played their next two games in some cold and wet weather, but they love every minute of it. Thank you coach Scott for putting this together and having the energy (and patience) to run around with the kids. I know they love it and I have a blast too.


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