Friday, March 20, 2009

The Maguroration

Kiki is quite the inventor. Check out this story.

Ever since the weather started getting nice she has been spending a lot of her time outdoors, especially in the back yard, practicing her new found swinging abilities. Finally, the hard work I put into building her playground is paying off. She could swing all day if we let her.

One afternoon she kept running in and out of the house, carrying random stuff with her as she went back and forth. After a while she yelled to us to come see her invention, or as she called it, her "Maguroration":

The idea was that she would sit on the soccer ball on the right swing and as she swung it would make the other one swing with her in unison. Pretty darn smart, I think. Smart kid!


OhCaptain said...

Cute are in big trouble later :-)

Abba-Dad said...

Oh, I know I am in deep trouble. I certainly know it, my friend.

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