Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Hair Day

A few days ago MeeMaw was over to hang out with Kiki for a bit while we ran a few errands. We got a tip saying that we should really be surprised when we see what Kiki has done to her hair. "Pretend like you don't know who she is," was the directive. So we played along. MeeMaw had washed Kiki's hair and blow dried it straight. Well as straight as it could be (anyone who knows Kiki knows that is a truly monumental feat):

We had a lot of fun pretending to look for her in the house and asking who this strange girl with the straight hair was. Then we took lots of pictures. Kiki has recently started to strike some fancy poses as you can see below:

We tried to keep the hair straight for as long as we could but the next morning it was already starting to curl and lock back up. That kid's going to go through a lot of conditioner in her life...


joycooperwidding said...

Julia and I just had lots of fun looking at Kiki's cool 'do! Julia said, "Kiki's hair looks like my hair in these pictures!" Miss you all!

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