Sunday, February 22, 2009

No, I didn't miss Kiki's Birthday!

I have not put up a post in a while, but things have been kind of crazy around here lately with planning and executing Kiki's birthday, my parnets coming in for a short visit, lots of work and of course, getting ready for Kiki's sister (due in 6 weeks). So I didn't really have time to post about Kiki's 4th birthday. I am a week late but here it is.

It was awesome!

We had 23 families come to our house and that includes kids and siblings and parents. We had Lavender the clown show up and do balloon animals and face painting. We had kids everywhere - upstairs, downstairs, in the yard. The party was "Hello Kitty" themed and for the cake the Kitty actually showed up to sing for Kiki.

Kiki was in great spirits and was very excited about her birthday. She couldn't stop talking about it. And she has already started couting the days until her 5th birthday. I still can't believe this baby is 4 years old...

I'll try to post some pictures later. I promise :-)

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