Thursday, December 11, 2008

Toonces went to live on a farm

Meemaw's cat Toonces decided to go live on a farm. Or at least that's the line we're going to stick with when Kiki asks about her cat. You see, she figures it's her pet but Meemaw gets to keep him for her.

Toonces was old. Cynthia found him in college and hid him against the rules. He eventually made it to Meemaw's house where he used to torment and be tormented by Noir, the other cat who went to live on a farm a few years ago.

As opposed to his earlier years when he was a complete spaz-cat, Tooncey Wooncey was a very mellow cat in his old age. He spent a lot of time napping and just generally trying to stay comfortable. He loved to drink water straight out of the faucet and could stand there for hours if you let him, just slowly sipping on the trickle of water from the tap.

So what do you do when a young child asks about a pet who went to live on the farm?


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