Sunday, November 9, 2008

Car Ride (by request)

This is quickly becoming the kiddie car conversation blog, but that is some of the best material I am exposed to on a daily basis. This post is actually by request of one of the mothers/reader of this blog. She actually likes reading this stuff, so here goes, H's mom (she didn't say much this time around although she did kick E a couple of times and he told on her every time):

Last Thursday I had the privilege of driving 4 (yes, FOUR!) children under the age of 4 to school in the morning. We had two in the middle row and two in the back and I was getting ready for some fireworks. It didn't take long for the fun to start. As soon as we picked up H, the kids got into it:

K: You know that my mommy signed me up for ballet?
J: I go to ballet.
E: I go to karate.
K: H, do you go to ballet?
H: No.
E: I'm so lucky that I get to go to karate.
K: I'm so lucky to go to ballet!
E: No, I'm luckier!
K: J and I go to ballet so WE are luckier!
J: Yeah!
K: H, do you go to ballet, too?
H: No.

(This is one of the regular conversations in the car so I wasn't surprised at all)

E: K, when do you go to ballet?
K: I go on Saturday. J, when do you go to ballet?
J: Sometimes I go and sometimes I don't. I don't go to school on Wednesday.
K: I go to school five days a week.
E: I go to school six days a week!
K: No, you don't.
E: Yes, I do!
K: Abba, does E go to school six days a week?
Abba: E, what days do you go to school?
E: I go on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
K: That's silly.
Abba: Um, none of you kids go to school on Saturday and Sunday, that's the weekend.
E (laughing): I played a trick on you, Mr. Amir!
Abba: Oh, you got me there, E, that was a great trick.
K: LO! LO! LO! (that means NO! NO! NO! in Hebrew)
E (singing): I played a trick on Mr. Amir!
K: LO! LO! LO!!!
E: What is LO?
K: I speak a little bit of Hebrew and the only thing I can say is LO! (not true she can say a few other words and understands a lot more)
E: But what is it?
K (ignoring the boy who just played a trick on her Abba): J, do you speak Hebrew? Can you say LO?
J: No, I don't speak Hebrew.
K: Can you say LO?
J: No.
K: Say LO!
J: No.
K: SAY LO!!!
J: NO!!!

I love it when my kid comes to my defense. What would I do without her?


OhCaptain said...

Cool story. It's nice when your kids got your back.

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