Sunday, November 9, 2008

Car Ride (by request)

This is quickly becoming the kiddie car conversation blog, but that is some of the best material I am exposed to on a daily basis. This post is actually by request of one of the mothers/reader of this blog. She actually likes reading this stuff, so here goes, H's mom (she didn't say much this time around although she did kick E a couple of times and he told on her every time):

Last Thursday I had the privilege of driving 4 (yes, FOUR!) children under the age of 4 to school in the morning. We had two in the middle row and two in the back and I was getting ready for some fireworks. It didn't take long for the fun to start. As soon as we picked up H, the kids got into it:

K: You know that my mommy signed me up for ballet?
J: I go to ballet.
E: I go to karate.
K: H, do you go to ballet?
H: No.
E: I'm so lucky that I get to go to karate.
K: I'm so lucky to go to ballet!
E: No, I'm luckier!
K: J and I go to ballet so WE are luckier!
J: Yeah!
K: H, do you go to ballet, too?
H: No.

(This is one of the regular conversations in the car so I wasn't surprised at all)

E: K, when do you go to ballet?
K: I go on Saturday. J, when do you go to ballet?
J: Sometimes I go and sometimes I don't. I don't go to school on Wednesday.
K: I go to school five days a week.
E: I go to school six days a week!
K: No, you don't.
E: Yes, I do!
K: Abba, does E go to school six days a week?
Abba: E, what days do you go to school?
E: I go on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
K: That's silly.
Abba: Um, none of you kids go to school on Saturday and Sunday, that's the weekend.
E (laughing): I played a trick on you, Mr. Amir!
Abba: Oh, you got me there, E, that was a great trick.
K: LO! LO! LO! (that means NO! NO! NO! in Hebrew)
E (singing): I played a trick on Mr. Amir!
K: LO! LO! LO!!!
E: What is LO?
K: I speak a little bit of Hebrew and the only thing I can say is LO! (not true she can say a few other words and understands a lot more)
E: But what is it?
K (ignoring the boy who just played a trick on her Abba): J, do you speak Hebrew? Can you say LO?
J: No, I don't speak Hebrew.
K: Can you say LO?
J: No.
K: Say LO!
J: No.
K: SAY LO!!!
J: NO!!!

I love it when my kid comes to my defense. What would I do without her?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election Car Conversation

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted anything here for over a month. And so much has happened since then. My parents were here for a visit, then went on a cruise, then came back for a few more days. We had a historic day yesterday with a historic turn of events for this country. By the way, the next person on TV that says AN HISTORIC DAY is going to get a letter to his editor. As far as I know the rule for changing A to AN is when you have a vowel after it. And English is not my first language, but I am pretty sure that the letter H is not a vowel. It's A HOTEL, A HAMBURGER and A HISTORIC EVENT. Not AN HOTEL, AN HAMBURGER and never AN HISTORIC EVENT.

Moving right along.

As usual, one of my favorite times during the day is listening to the car conversations of pre-schoolers car-pooling to school with me in the mornings. And today was no exception. They were just chatting away in the back so I turned on CNN on my XM radio for a bit and obviously they were talking about the elections. Hilarity ensued:

E: Mr. Amir, I know who the president is.
K: Who?
E: Barack Obama!
K: Is that true, Abba?
Abba: Yes it is sweetie. They had the elections yesterday and it looks like Barack Obama won.
E: My sister voted for Barack Obama. (His sister turns 7 in a few months).
Abba: Oh, really? Who did you vote for?
E: I voted for John McCain. But today I think I will vote for Obama.
Abba: Why are you going to change your vote?
E: Obama looks better than McCain.
K: But there already is a president right now. Right Abba?
Abba: That's right. The president right now is George Bush but Obama will be the new president starting in January.
K: Why do they need a new president when there already is one?
Abba: Well, every four years people can vote for a new president. Doesn't that sound like a good idea?
K: Yes, it does!
Abba: Do you know how old you have to be to be able to vote?
E: I voted yesterday.
K: Mommy voted too!
Abba: That's great, but do you know how old you have to be?
E: I voted yesterday.
Abba: Well actually, you can't vote until you're 18 years old.
E: Yes, we can!
K: No, you can't!

And there you have it. The voice of a new generation. And a catchy campaign slogan.

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