Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Car Conversations

The other day I drove Kiki and Evan to school and they just had me giggling the whole time. I meant to post this sooner so I wouldn't forget some of the nuggets, but alas, I am getting old and I forgot. I will try to remember what I can.

It started with the fact that it was a Wednesday, which is 'Show & Share' day at school. Every week they get a new letter and this week we were going with 'E'. So as Evan gets in the car he announces that he has an 'Esch-a-Skesch' and two eels in his book bag. He then corrects himself and slowly enunciates 'Etttcccch-A-Sssskketttccch'. And for the rest of the ride any time one of them wanted to say Etch-A-Sketch it took about 5 second to word it out. That was only the beginning.

Evan: I have an 'Etch-A-Sketch' and two eels in my book bag.
Kiki: It's not called a book bag, it's a back pack.
Evan: No, it's not.
Kiki: Yes, it is.
Evan: No, it's not!
Abba: Well, it could be called both. Evan, what do you have in your book bag?
Evan: An 'Etch-A-Sketch' and two eels.
Abba: Any books in there?
Evan: No.
Abba: Kiki, what do you have in your back pack?
Kiki: Lunch.
Abba: So you can call it a back pack, a book bag or even a lunch bag, right?
Evan: No, it's called a book bag!
Kiki: No it's not!
Evan: Is too!
... and so on.

Then I came up with this brilliant idea:
Abba: Hey Evan, you could just show yourself at 'Show & Share', because you're Evan and you start with an 'E'.
Evan (thinks for a second): No, then I would have nothing to show or share.
Abba (dejected): Oh, OK.

Evan (out of nowhere): The hard part of your leg is called a knee, right?
Kiki: Abba, is that right?
Abba: Yes, that's right. A knee is a type of a joint.
Evan: No, it's not.
Abba: Well, our bodies have lots of joints. A kneww is just one kind of joint. There are joints in your arms, like the elbow (shows the elbow move). Your fingers have joints in the knuckles (shows knuckles moving). Your shoulder is a joint, too.
Evan: No, it's not.
Kiki: Yes, it is.
Evan: IS NOT!

Evan (once again, out of the blue): Did you know you had taste butts on the tip of your tongue?
Kiki (laughing): No you don't. You sit on your butt. Not on your tongue. That's silly. Is that silly, Abba?
Abba: Umm, did you mean taste buds, Evan?
Evan: Huh?

I love these car rides. I should get a tape recorder.


OhCaptain said...

Cute. I've always wanted to have a video camera and microphone in the car just for this reason.

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