Thursday, September 4, 2008


That might be something you want to see on your clock when you're going to bed after a fun night out. It's definitely not something you want to see when your 3 year old walks into your room complaining about monsters.

I've written here previously about the sleeping situation we are recently encountering. Last night was really bad, though. She woke me up at the dreaded 1:43am time and would not go back to sleep. After 2 hours of wiggling, going pottie, complaining about a tummy ache, eating a piece of bread to calm the tummy ache, kicking and head-butting me, we finally got up and went downstairs to figure out what it is you can do at 4am that does not involve sleeping.

So she jumped on her trampoline for a bit. Then we went to look for the booster seat I remembered we had somewhere in the basement storage area. Then we read a couple of books. Then we organized her pajama shelf. Then we discussed going back to bed.

But we never did.

It turned into a lot of screaming and wanting mommy. And that wasn't me as you might think at first.

So mommy came in and turned off the light and they fell asleep. At 5:09am.

We're going to make some drastic changes:
1) We will not lay down with her to go to sleep any more. 2-3 books, lights out and good night.
2) We will not let her climb into our bed when she wakes up in the middle of the night.
3) We will put her back in bed and leave. If she comes out we will just repeat until she stays put.

This is going to be hard and she will cry and scream and hate us, but there is just no other way. Sleep has always been an issue with this kid and it's time we suck it up and stand up to her!

Wish us luck...


Instant Tragedy said...

Be brave sir, it's the hardest thing in the world to do.

BTW your blogroll hasn't had me blog in a month?

I've been bloggin a bunch. Please investigate.



Abba-Dad said...

You keep changing your blog around so often, I guess I forgot to update it. Will do it right now, though.

OhCaptain said...

We now have a lock on our bedroom door. Besides the obvious reason for locking the door in the evening, our youngest liked to sneak in on a regular basis and climb into bed with us. When we had the full size bed, we figured that our right away. After we got the king size bed, I woke up a couple of times due to strange wetness in the bed.

It took a few weeks, but pretty soon she gave up the late night visits and started sleeping through again.

As with most things, this too shall pass.

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