Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Car Conversations

The other day I drove Kiki and Evan to school and they just had me giggling the whole time. I meant to post this sooner so I wouldn't forget some of the nuggets, but alas, I am getting old and I forgot. I will try to remember what I can.

It started with the fact that it was a Wednesday, which is 'Show & Share' day at school. Every week they get a new letter and this week we were going with 'E'. So as Evan gets in the car he announces that he has an 'Esch-a-Skesch' and two eels in his book bag. He then corrects himself and slowly enunciates 'Etttcccch-A-Sssskketttccch'. And for the rest of the ride any time one of them wanted to say Etch-A-Sketch it took about 5 second to word it out. That was only the beginning.

Evan: I have an 'Etch-A-Sketch' and two eels in my book bag.
Kiki: It's not called a book bag, it's a back pack.
Evan: No, it's not.
Kiki: Yes, it is.
Evan: No, it's not!
Abba: Well, it could be called both. Evan, what do you have in your book bag?
Evan: An 'Etch-A-Sketch' and two eels.
Abba: Any books in there?
Evan: No.
Abba: Kiki, what do you have in your back pack?
Kiki: Lunch.
Abba: So you can call it a back pack, a book bag or even a lunch bag, right?
Evan: No, it's called a book bag!
Kiki: No it's not!
Evan: Is too!
... and so on.

Then I came up with this brilliant idea:
Abba: Hey Evan, you could just show yourself at 'Show & Share', because you're Evan and you start with an 'E'.
Evan (thinks for a second): No, then I would have nothing to show or share.
Abba (dejected): Oh, OK.

Evan (out of nowhere): The hard part of your leg is called a knee, right?
Kiki: Abba, is that right?
Abba: Yes, that's right. A knee is a type of a joint.
Evan: No, it's not.
Abba: Well, our bodies have lots of joints. A kneww is just one kind of joint. There are joints in your arms, like the elbow (shows the elbow move). Your fingers have joints in the knuckles (shows knuckles moving). Your shoulder is a joint, too.
Evan: No, it's not.
Kiki: Yes, it is.
Evan: IS NOT!

Evan (once again, out of the blue): Did you know you had taste butts on the tip of your tongue?
Kiki (laughing): No you don't. You sit on your butt. Not on your tongue. That's silly. Is that silly, Abba?
Abba: Umm, did you mean taste buds, Evan?
Evan: Huh?

I love these car rides. I should get a tape recorder.

I'm running for president!

No kidding. I've had enough of this mess. So I've started a grassroots campaign and it's really catching on. The response has been tremendous!

Check out the media coverage I already got here.

Don't forget to vote. For me!

Straight No Chaser

The power of the Internets is astounding! One of my buds was part of an a cappella group in college and for their ten year reunion they posted a couple of videos on YouTube. 8 million views later they got a call from Atlantic records and are now releasing their first album at the end of October:

Spread the word! These guys are awesome! Buy their album! Buy it as presents for all the people you don't know what to get! Buy it as stocking stuffers! BUY IT!!!

And check out their official website here: www.sncmusic.com

You can even pre-order it right now. Do it! Now!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Car full of kids

I drove a car full of kids to school this morning and it was hilarious. We had a 2, 3 and 4 year old, all strapped into their car seats and enjoying some morning chit chat:

H: (2 years old): I wanna get a haircut.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
K: (3 years old): My Abba got a haircut.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
E: (4 years old): I'm getting a haircut on Saturday.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
K: Abba, she won't stop saying that.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
Abba: Alright H, I'll let your mommy know you wanna get a haircut.
H: OK.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
H: I wanna get a haircut.
...and so on for the next half hour.


That might be something you want to see on your clock when you're going to bed after a fun night out. It's definitely not something you want to see when your 3 year old walks into your room complaining about monsters.

I've written here previously about the sleeping situation we are recently encountering. Last night was really bad, though. She woke me up at the dreaded 1:43am time and would not go back to sleep. After 2 hours of wiggling, going pottie, complaining about a tummy ache, eating a piece of bread to calm the tummy ache, kicking and head-butting me, we finally got up and went downstairs to figure out what it is you can do at 4am that does not involve sleeping.

So she jumped on her trampoline for a bit. Then we went to look for the booster seat I remembered we had somewhere in the basement storage area. Then we read a couple of books. Then we organized her pajama shelf. Then we discussed going back to bed.

But we never did.

It turned into a lot of screaming and wanting mommy. And that wasn't me as you might think at first.

So mommy came in and turned off the light and they fell asleep. At 5:09am.

We're going to make some drastic changes:
1) We will not lay down with her to go to sleep any more. 2-3 books, lights out and good night.
2) We will not let her climb into our bed when she wakes up in the middle of the night.
3) We will put her back in bed and leave. If she comes out we will just repeat until she stays put.

This is going to be hard and she will cry and scream and hate us, but there is just no other way. Sleep has always been an issue with this kid and it's time we suck it up and stand up to her!

Wish us luck...

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