Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Abba-Travel: 14 hour across the Atlantic

Not sure how many people out there have had the pleasure of traveling on a non-stop direct flight for 14 hours with their kid. Our next trip will be the 5th time in a little over 3 years that I will attempt this feat. Kiki and I are heading to Israel to visit everyone back there. We'll be seeing my parents, sister, her husband, their kids, uncles, aunts, cousins and last but not least my savta Riva.

Kiki is extremely excited and has basically been counting down the days to our trip. It is a great negotiating (blackmail) tactic for me whenever I need her to do anything. If she doesn't want to go to bed when she's supposed to, "I guess you don't want to have any energy to fly to Israel, huh?". And off to bed she goes.

So how do you take an active, overtired kid on a plane for 14 hours. Careful planning is key. Since the flight is much later than her normal bedtime, we're going to try to get her to nap, so that she is not in complete meltdown mode early in the evening. We might even try going to the pool late in the afternoon to wear her out.

Kiki and I have a flight routine which she's looking forward to. When she gets tired, I lay down a bunch of blankets on the floor right in front of our seats. She then lays down and tries to go to sleep. It's worked very well the past few times we did it and I hope it works again tomorrow night. My only concern is that she's getting too tall to fit into the width of two seats. We'll just have to figure it out.

One thing I am happy about is the fact that we don't have to worry about diapers and diaper bags any more. I am still going to pack an extra set of clothes, just in case we have an accident, but I doubt that will happen.

Wish us luck!


OhCaptain said...

Good luck on your trip! We are about to take the OhPrincesses on their first airplane trip. MSP to ATL to RIC...wish us luck!

Instant Tragedy said...

Traveling with Shelby and Ryan we always tried to drive during the night. Kids normally stay asleep and we get to just drive without the heat.

Safe travels

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