Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Two days ago was Father's Day and I have finally decided to step up to the plate and start my Abba-Dad Blog. Just so we're all on the same page, Abba means father (dad) in Hebrew, my native language. But more importantly, Abba is what my daughter calls me. As do all her little friends and their parents. Pretty much anyone who knows me on a social level calls me Abba at this point. So it's quite a defining name for me. Hence, here you have it, The Abba (Dad) Blog.

I titled this first post "Inspiration" because I have been truly inspired to write here by a few people. First and foremost, Kiki (AKA Kikidudu, Kikster, Kiks and so on). My amazing daughter. If not for her I would not be the Abba I am today. Obviously. So without further ado, everyone, meet Kiki:

Second, I get inspiration from my wonderful, beautiful, amazing wife. She is an awesome mom and writes her own family blog here. She's witty and smart and has a great writing style (in my opinion). She has taken to her blog with enthusiasm and always has something interesting to say. Thanks for the inspiration, sweetie.

Third, I absolutely would not be the Abba I am today if it were not for my own Abba. Or as he is better known nowadays, Sabba (grandpa). My father has always been the voice of reason, the smart quiet one who guides and teaches in a gentle way. A true model for imitation. Toda Abba!

Now some of you might think it's kind of weird for a grown man to write a blog like this. But I am definitely not alone. I got the courage to do this by reading a lot of other daddy blogs. There are also some amazing mommy blogs out there, but I seem to connect more with the dads in the blogosphere. I will start linking those other dads up in the future. For now, you can all head over to Dad Gone Mad, written by Danny Evans, which is a great read.

So what is THIS blog going to be about. I guess it will cover my adventures in Abba-hood. Kiki is just an amazing source of stories, laughter and fun. I will try to cover some of the day-to-day hysterical stuff that goes on in our house. I will touch on some on and off-topic subjects. I will review some books, music, toys and other stuff I encounter on a regular basis. I will post pics and videos. We're going to have some regular features, like Abba-isms, Abba-blogs, Abba-rants and the aforementioned Abba-reviews. Wow, this stuff just writes itself, doesn't it.

Anyway, enjoy the ride. If you like or dislike what you read here, don't hesitate to leave a comment. If you like it so much you have to tell others about it, don't be scared to link me up.


OhCaptain said...

Great start to your Daddy blog! I got you linked in now. Might even include you in my next post, if I ever get time to write it ;-)

Instant Tragedy said...

To being a dad.


I thank you for letting me be one of the limited few who have seen the beginning.

It is an honor.

With wishes for continued success!


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