Saturday, June 21, 2008

Abba-Music: Hamster Dance

We listen to a lot of music in the car. Driving to school, to the pool, grocery shopping and pretty much everywhere we go. It's usually a bunch of The Music Class CD's, Disney princess songs or XM Kids. Sometimes Kiki will say she wants no music and that's fine as well. Sometimes she's upset about having to drive somewhere and sit in her car seat. She'll just sit the frowning until something good comes on.

Today, while running some weekend errands she told me that she was smiling from the music and she loves this song:

Yeah, that one will pretty much get stuck in your brain for the next few days. Well it was either that or this:


OhCaptain said...

I've never "shared" the Hampster Dance song with the girls. I feared it might be more than I could handle...

The other song did make its rounds in our house. Right now, OhPrincess2 is really into the Plain White T's - Delilah. There could be so many worse songs!

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