Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Abba Day & The Hampton Ritz

This was my 4th Fathers' Day! Or as we like to call it at our house, Abba Day. Sadly we spent a large part of the day in the car driving back from a wedding in Charleston, SC. But once we got home it was awesome. We timed our arrival just right and headed to the community pool to meet a few of the other families we call dear friends for some BBQ and water slide fun.

But before we get to all that, I have to take a detour in the story. Let's go back a few evenings to the time we left our house to head out to Charleston, shall we? MeeMaw (my mother-in-law and the best Kiki-sitter we could ever hope to find) showed up in the afternoon with Toonces the cat and we might as well have been invisible to Kiki at that point. We decided to quickly pack and head out. The plan was to get some dinner and drive as far as we could before crashing for the night somewhere along the way. Or as Cynthia put it, "we can just stay at some Hampton Inn, somewhere".

Well, I should have known better. I've known my wife for quite some time and she still manages to pull a fast one on me from time to time. By the time we packed, left the house, found an open place to eat something decent and were on the road it was already getting late. About half past midnight, we're both getting tired and she innocently says "hey, you know, we're not too far from the Ritz Reynold's Plantation. Why don't we see if they have any available rooms". Sure thing sweetie, go for it.

She calls them up and their rate is something outrageous. She tries to talk them down but this is the main reservations center and they recommend calling the hotel directly. Once she gets someone on the phone at the hotel she quickly explains that an empty room makes no money and since we will only be sleeping there for a few hours, they might as well let us stay there for half the going rate. And they agree. So we stayed at what I will from now on refer to as the "Hampton Ritz". Good job, honey!

Sure, we slept in, had breakfast in bed, watched some TV and relaxed. We were staying at the Ritz for half price for crying out loud! So we took advantage of it and had a great morning.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was a blast. The rehearsal dinner and wedding were a lot of fun, although a little bit on the hot side weather-wise. You can go check out Cynthia's complete wedding report here.

So back to Abba Day. First thing we do when we walk in the door is hug and kiss the Kikster who leaps into my arms and gives me one of those terrific squeeze-the-neck-hard kind of hugs. Then it's time to open some cards and presents. First off, I get this:

Yeah, that's right. That is one cool grill cleaner. Double head with loofah and metal brush. Exactly what I needed as my old brush is just disgusting at this point. Then some cargo shorts and a very nice shirt. I also got a beautiful picture frame with a great quote on it:

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. ~George Moore

So true. I love it!

We put on our bathing suits and packed up the cooler full of drinks and headed to the pool. All our friends were already there and after about an hour of swimming, splashing and riding the water slide, the guys headed over to man the grill:

We got a good charcoal fire going and quickly got all the meat cooked. We had hot-dogs, chicken and vegetable skewers, plus everyone's favorite - Susana's famous Mititei, which is some kind of delicious Romanian kebab.

We eventually had to head home because it was getting late, we were exhausted and it was way past Kiki's bedtime. We quickly got her ready for bed and with a single book and kiss goodnight she was of to dreamland. As soon as I left the room, she started crying that she was afraid of the dark (first time ever) and that I need to sleep in her bed to make sure she's not scared. So I cuddled her until she fell asleep (which didn't take too long).

Those five minutes were probably the best part of my day.


OhCaptain said...

Welcome to the Daddy blogsphere!

What a great story. Sounda like you had a wonderful Father's Day!

I'm a big fan of the helping an OhPrincess fall asleep, my biggest problem, is falling a sleep next to her.

Lately, OhPrincess2 has been opting for the "Monster Locks" on all the doors and cubby spaces. She, of course, gets to fall asleep holding the imaginary key!

A Dad's gotta do what a Dad's gotta do :-)

Instant Tragedy said...

I think the best time of when the kids come see me is the first night. I watch them sleep. I could do that for years. Just watch their peaceful bodies and realize...

That there is nothing more powerful in the world than love of your kids.

Sean (IT)

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